Nochex Secure Payment Pages

Previously known as the ‘Nochex Checkout’, you can integrate the Nochex Payment Pages by following the Integration Guides.
The Nochex Payment Page Integration Guide can be found by clicking here.

The Nochex Payment Pages are secure web pages that integrate with your shopping cart software or directly on to your web site if you prefer not to use a shopping cart. They can be integrated into your website wholly or alternatively you can simply use Payment Links to pass your customers to our secure payments pages.

Once a customer has selected the items they want to buy from your site they can then be passed through the Nochex Payment Pages in order to pay for the goods. All customers are passed to our securely hosted payment pages and thus there is no requirement for your website to become PCI DSS compliant when using Nochex to accept online payments.

Because all Nochex payments are made instantly, money can be transferred to your bank account as soon as it is received. Payments made to you are final and cannot be subsequently reversed by the buyer.

Do I have to be a Nochex account holder to accept payments using the Nochex Payment Pages?

Yes. You will need to register for an account. We have a number of different account options that you can find out about on our website here. If you are not sure which Account to choose complete the application form and our helpful support will contact you to advise you about the right Account to meet your needs.

Do customers have to be Nochex members to send money via the Nochex Payment Pages?

No. Anyone can send payments to a Nochex merchant account holder.

How do I integrate the checkout on my site?

The Nochex Payment Page Integration Guide can be found by clicking here.

Can the checkout be branded/customised?

Yes, merchant account holders can customise the Nochex Payment Pages. You are able to add corporate logos, and apply further customisation to tie in with your website branding. This gives your customers a more professional looking buying experience.
For more details on this and on how to integrate the Nochex Payment Pages on your website click here and follow the instructions.

Can I see a sample of the Payment Pages?
Yes. We have a demo site that has a fully customised payment page and demonstrates how the process is viewed from the customer's perspective. To visit the Nochex Demo Site please click here.

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