How do I carry out a test payment?

Testing the checkout process and payments through Nochex is an important process to ensure your integration is working before allowing your customers access to reduce the possibility of customers encountering issues and a view of your customer journey to ensure everything is working correctly. 

No money is transferred when your payments page or integration is in test mode.

Payment Page

To enable test mode you need to add the following extra parameters to the post made to the payments page:
- test_transaction=100
- test_success_url=
Or add it to a payment link by adding:
- &test_transaction=100&test_success_url= to the end of the URL.

For example:

Nochex Widget

To perform a test transaction on the Nochex widget you need to include the following extra parameter to your ncx-config script


Note: Always remember to disable test mode, and test values when you are ready to accept payments!

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