Chargeback FAQ's

Question: How do Nochex inform me that I have received a chargeback?

Answer: You will be informed of chargeback case by email to the email address registered on your Nochex account.

Question: Why have Nochex taken the funds relating to a chargeback from my account?

Answer: When a customer disputes a transaction by raising a chargeback the funds relating to the transaction are automatically reversed back to the cardholder.

Question: Should I refund the disputed transaction if I don’t want to challenge the chargeback?

Answer: NO. Please do not refund a transaction once you have been notified of a chargeback. When the customer raises a chargeback the funds are automatically recovered from your Nochex account and returned to the customer.

If you refund the transaction after receiving notification of a chargeback this can lead to you losing the funds twice.

If you do not wish to challenge a chargeback, simply state this in an email to

Question: I have spoken to the customer and they have withdrawn their chargebacks case with their card issuer. What should I do?

Answer: Provide the email correspondence from the customer confirming this to along with your initial response to your chargeback case.

Question: Do Nochex always pass on my response to the customer’s financial institution?

Answer: No.

Nochex reserves the right not to respond to a chargeback case where the information provided by a merchant does not have a realistic chance of successfully defending the chargeback.

Question: Who decides if I win or lose a chargeback case?

Answer: Nochex is not involved in the chargeback decision process. The decision as to whether your defence has been successful or not is made by the cardholder’s financial institution.

Question: Why did I win a chargeback case but lose another case which had very similar circumstances?

Answer: Each chargeback case is unique and is determined on its own merits by the cardholder’s financial institution. A successful chargeback defence on one occasion does not guarantee success in another chargeback case.

Question: How long does the chargeback process take?

Answer: It can take up to 120 days for a decision to be made.

Question: How will I know if I have won a chargeback case?

Answer: When we receive notification from the cardholders financial institution we will automatically credit the funds back into your Nochex account if the decision is in your favour.

Question: Is there a fee for receiving a chargeback?

Answer: Yes. A chargeback administration fee is applicable to all standard chargebacks. In addition if you receive excessive chargebacks you may be subject to excessive chargeback fees.

These fees are detailed in your Terms and Conditions.

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