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What are the charges?

Our competitive charging structure is just 2.9% plus 20 pence per transaction received. Although with a Nochex Merchant account the charging structure is competitively tiered, so the more you process the lower your rates become. To become eligible for a Nochex review you will have to be processing around £5,000 per month and we assess all rate review applications on an individual basis, based on your previous transaction history (Please note that there is a £50 set up fee for a Nochex Merchant account).

These charges apply to ALL transactions (debit card, credit card and transactions from one Nochex account to another).

Note: There are no fixed running costs associated with Nochex accounts (there is small fee of between £0.01 - £3.00 incurred when registering a card).

Withdrawing your funds from your Nochex account is free for amounts over £50 and under this amount you incur a charge of £0.25
It is also worth mentioning that with most other merchant account providers not only are you at risk of chargebacks but they will also charge you an additional £10-20 fine every time you incur one!

For details on our transaction limits please select links below:


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