How do Nochex prevent the fraudulent use of my card details?

To verify that cards belong to the people who register them we carry out a variety of security checks. In addition we also perform a SecuriClick™ check on the card.

A SecuriClick™ check involves us debiting a small, random amount from the account associated with the card. 

To confirm the verification amount, please log in to your Nochex account. Once you have registered a card – there will be a link next to the card type (either Credit or Debit) which reads ‘Confirm Verification Amount’. To verify your card, click this link, enter your verification amount and then click ‘Confirm Amount’.

Dependant on your card issuer; the amount may take up to 3 working days to show on your statement. If you have online banking you may find the amount is available to view almost instantly.

A number of card issuers are now introducing the 3D secure scheme for their card holders. Please see the 3D secure knowledgebase section for further information

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