Integrate WooCommerce with Nochex

WooCommerce was thoughtfully designed for business owners who want more functionality for their online shop without the hassle of leaving WordPress. The result is a fantastic e-commerce plugin that effortlessly brings together every possible tool for your new, and growing eShop.

Nochex plugin for WooCommerce includes:

  • Extensive support
  • Option to Hide Billing Details
  • Seamless checkout page experience
  • Simple installation
  • ability to switch between Test and Live mode

How does it work?

Once you've got your basic self-hosted website with WordPress, and installed your WooCommerce store. You simply need to implement Nochex and start accepting online payments by following the attached step by step guide, and downloading the latest plugin Nochex Plugin for WooCommerce or installing the Nochex plugin within your WordPress Dashboard

Having issues with your WooCommerce integration?

Please raise a support ticket with details (and print screens) of your issues, with the versions of your WordPress installation, WooCommerce and Nochex plugin so we can help to resolve your integration issues.
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