How can I accept Nochex payments on my site?

There are a number of ways in which you can accept payments via Nochex on your website, shopping cart or online payments, once you have registered for a Nochex account

Setting up your account to accept Nochex payments

For some of the popular ecommerce platforms, for example; Woocommerce, Prestashop, Open Cart, etc; we have integration modules readily available.

If you don't have a shopping cart, there are still other ways to accept payments via Nochex:

- Payment Page integration guide - This sets out all of the parameters accepted and required by our payments page to allow you to receive payments, and how you are able to conduct a test payment before your website goes live. 

- Payment Links / Buttons: You can post a payment link on your website or send it to your customer via email.

- Payment Invoices: You can send invoices / payment requests from within your Nochex account.

- Subscription / Recurring Payments: You can set up subscription payments for memberships.

Additionally, we have extra functionality readily available in your Nochex Account through our control panel and website integrations.

Notification of Payments

For your business you may need to receive instant notification of a customer’s payments to your Nochex account in order to update the backend of your website to provide you the next steps of the order, email confirmation, and other related functionality required after payment.

We have two options available depending upon your business requirements, and the information you require from a payment.

 - Automatic Payment Confirmation - By default, this system is available to you from when you first sign up with Nochex. The information we send to your server after payment is minimal and just the required information you need for the transaction, such as; transaction id, date, order id, etc; 

- Callback - To use the callback system you will need to reach out our support team to enable this feature for you, and will replace the Automatic Payment Confirmation system above. The information we send to your server is more detailed about the transaction, such as transaction id, order id, customer details.

Both systems work in a similar way to confirm and authenticate any payment that is made into your account by communicating with your server.

Payment Page Customisation

Within your Nochex Merchant Account you have the facility to customise the Nochex payment page your customer is taken to, to provide a much smoother and seamless checkout experience.

Everything around the card form is customisable, additionally there are options to customise the payment buttons and colour schemes. 

Click here to download the Customisation Guide

Control Panel

In addition to customising your payment page, there are other features within your Nochex account that you may need to check, such as Account Balance, Transaction History, etc 

Other ways to integrate and Accept payments 

Nochex Widget  - Instead of being redirected to your Nochex Payment page, there is a possibility to render a payment form on your checkout.

On-page API (CopyPay) - Instead of being redirected to your Nochex Payment page, there is a possibility to render to embed a payment form on your checkout.

If you would like any assistance with your integration, account features, or payments, please get in touch.

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