How can I accept Nochex payments on my site?

There are a number of ways in which Nochex can be used to accept online payments for your site, shopping cart or auction listings and here you will find all the information you need to make that happen. The functions available to you depend on whether you have a Nochex Merchant or UK Trader account so please be aware of this difference when you are getting ready to accept payments.

Setting up your account to accept Nochex payments

If you don't have a shopping cart, there are still ways to accept payments via Nochex:

- Payment Links: You can post a payment link on your website or send it to your customer via email. For more information on how to create and use payment links click here.

- Payment requests: It is also possible to send requests for payment from within your Nochex account rather than having to create a payment link and emailing it to your customer. Instructions on how to do this can be found here.

The following guides set out the more advanced functionality of your Nochex account ranging from fully integrating your site with the Nochex Payment Pages to setting up an Automatic Payment Confirmation System and creating your own customised Nochex Payment Pages

Payments Page Integration Guide

Your comprehensive guide to setting up your shopping cart/site to accept Nochex payments. The guide sets out all of the parameters required by our Payments pages and also tells you how you are able to conduct a test payment before your site goes live. If you wish to add a product description, hide the billing address details or require the customer to provide a telephone number this guide provides the answer.
Click here to view the Payments Page Integration Guide

If you are interested in integrating Nochex with a particular shopping cart please visit our Shopping Cart Page for a full list of compatible carts.

Automatic Payment Confirmation Guide

The Nochex Automatic Payment Confirmation (APC or 'Callback' in your account transaction history) system allows you to receive instant notification of customer’s payments to the backend of your website. This then opens up the possibility of providing instantaneous electronic products for your customer, customer feedback or the maintenance of your own database in real-time. The APC guide provides instructions on how to set up your site in order that APC may be enabled no matter what server side language programming you are using.
Click here to download APC guide

Nochex Payments Page Customisation Guide

With a your Nochex Merchant Account you have the facility to customise the Nochex payment page your customer is taken to, therefore providing a much smoother checkout experience. The customisation guide will explain how to enter your own header and footer HTML, create your own backgrounds and colour schemes or add your own function buttons (eg. Continue, Make payment, etc.). The guide also explains how you can direct your customer to an specified URL once they have completed a transaction, or cancelled the checkout process.
Click here to download the Customisation Guide

If you cannot find an answer to your question here please submit a support ticket or contact your account manager if you hold a Merchant account.

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