APC Troubleshooting

Declined Response
Open your APC page and check your code carefully. Ensure that every variable is collected from the POST and that it is then passed to the Nochex server through a query to "https://secure.nochex.com/apc/apc.aspx".
Using PHP, the easiest way to get the post variables and then turn them into a query ready to be sent to the Nochex server is: $postvars = http_build_query($_POST);
For more instructions see our APC guide, and we have several examples available here which come in different programming languages

No Message Received
Firstly make sure you have put the correct URL into the callback URL field either on the Payments Page Setup or through a post to your Nochex payment page.
Check your code carefully to ensure the right email address / merchant id is being used.
Check your firewall settings aren't blocking the HTTP POST messages from Nochex.
Create a mail function that emails you soon as the code should have been called, that way you can see if the code is being called then you know that there is something in your code that needs changing.

Order details not coming through
If your order details have not come through and this only happens intermittently we have added functionality that resets APC to get the details sent through.
Just follow the instructions below to reset APC in turn sending the order details through:

  1. Login to your Nochex account
  2. At the control panel click Transaction History
  3. Click on the symbol under the Callback column for a particular transaction to show a popup
  4. You will see more information on the transaction, and press the Reset Callback button
  5. The status should turn from ongoing to passed when APC has been resent, Note: this may take a couple of minutes
  6. You should now get the order details showing for that transaction

Still experiencing problems with your APC?
Raise a support ticket detailing your APC issue.

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