Why do I need to enter the last 4 digits of my card number?

In order to provide our members with the most secure service possible you are asked to enter the last four digits of any of your registered credit or debit card as part of the login process.

If your long card number has changed and you can't login to your NOCHEX account because you can't remember the last 4 digits of your old card number then don't worry. You will be given the option to reset your card status as part of the login process. Just follow the instructions when you try to login to your NOCHEX account.

There are two technical reasons for having this level of security:


For convenience, it is not unusual for anyone to employ the same password to access different sites. Whilst this is convenient from a memory perspective, less reputable web services may seek to access other web accounts using the password you have chosen for their service. Equally, if they are not as secure as NOCHEX, your password may be acquired by a third party who may try it to access your NOCHEX account.

NOCHEX requires that customers keep their NOCHEX passwords secret, and therefore requires that you do not use the same password elsewhere.

2. KEY LOGGING (also known as keystroke monitoring)
Software known as keyloggers or keystroke monitors can record all the key presses made on your computer. Such software may be loaded directly onto your computer by someone else, or via a virus-like software called a trojan. In these instances, the key press log can be viewed by the person responsible for installing the software or writing the trojan. This is an obvious breach of security for sites requiring password entry for access.

The new NOCHEX log-in enhancement requires you to confirm a security ID by mouse rather than by keyboard entry. This, therefore, circumvents the key logging security threat.

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