What should I do if my card status is frozen?

When you register a card with us, we debit a smallĀ random amount from the account associated with that card. This is done in order to test that the card you entered belongs to you. Before that card is fully registered you have to correctly confirm what the value of this amount is.

If your card status is "FROZEN" you have entered an incorrect amount on the confirmation screen.

You should check your statements to find the value of this amount (depending on your bank/card provider this may have happened instantly or it may have taken up to 4 working days). Once you know the value of this amount contact us quoting the amount and your Nochex email address.

Note: If two amounts appear to have been taken then ignore the lower of the two (this is a security check amount and will disappear within 2 days).
Please make sure you get this right as you only have one chance. If you are unsure then ask your bank.

Note: If your card is "frozen" you can still use your card at cash points etc, but not with Nochex.

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