Partner System: Create Partner Link

This feature will generate a referral link for you. You can select either a plain text link or an image link. If you select the plain text link, just copy and paste into an email or your web site. When your customer clicks on this they will be directed to a Nochex Merchant Account application form. When the application is received at Nochex, it is automatically identified as a referral from you.

If you select the image link, you can chose between different images and then click ‘Generate Link’ get the HTML code.

We do ask that you insert an image link to your website. This will of course help you with your Google rankings. Again, if the customer clicks on the image, they are directed to the Nochex application form which will be identified as a referral from you. Either of the links can also be sent via email to your customers on an individual basis or as part of a marketing plan to generate more referrals.

Contact your Partner Manager if you have any difficulty.