Payment Links

If you wish to accept payments at your website and you don't use a shopping basket on your site then Nochex payment links are perfect for you.

To make it easier for people to send you money via Nochex we've created you a personal "Pay me" Nochex link. You can use it on your website, auction listings or even in your email signature! Anyone who clicks on it will be able to send you money via Nochex.

In order to request a payment or to ask for money to be sent to you, you need a payment page to be located on your website. This page will contain a secure payments facility to enable your customers to continue making payments to you. We can help you to integrate this page into your website - just send a request to customer services.

If you're wanting to create a payment link with the details pre-filled in then just send a Nochex payment "request" to yourself with all the details filled in as required. You will then be emailed a payment link with this info contained.

Do people have to be Nochex members to send money via payment links?

No. If you have either a Nochex Merchant (i.e. Xtra enabled) then this means that non Nochex members are able to send you payments of up to £100 a day via the Checkout (if you have a Nochex Merchant account then this limit is tailored to your needs and is negotiated when you apply).

Being Xtra enabled means that any of your checkout links will take non Nochex users to a secure page where they can enter their UK credit/debit card details in order to process a payment to you.

If you have a Nochex Personal account (i.e your account is not Xtra enabled) then if someone wants to pay you using Nochex they have to be a fully registered Nochex member.

Note: Nochex members are not restricted to this limit. They can send up to £300 a day.

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