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Your password cannot contain any spaces and must be at least six (6) characters long. For increased security, you must create a password containing letters and at least one number. Your password is also case sensitive, so remember which letters you capitalised. If this does not help then click here to start the forgotten password procedure.

Are you using a version 5.0 or earlier browser?

Periodically, to maintain the highest security standards, GeoTrust renew the root keys by which they sign all Certificates, including those issued by their affiliates, such as BT.

As a result of one such renewal, the intermediate certificate that issued this Global Server Certificate is signed by a GeoTrust root key which is not recognised by some older browsers.

You may download a utility provided by British Telecom to upgrade the Global
Root Certificate on your computer.

Click here to upgrade.

Are you using an email client that doesn't support hyperlinks?

If you have previously registered and are unable to gain access, go and check your emails.

We sent you an email (to the address you gave us) with the subject "NOCHEX Email Confirmation".

To confirm your email address you must click on the link within that email. This will bring you back to a SECURE area on our site and it will ask you to confirm your password. Once you have done this your account will be activated. If you have deleted or cannot find that email then please contact our Customer Services team.

If the link you received returns you to the homepage, then you must ensure that you copy the complete link and paste it into your browser (make sure you have the entire link pasted into your browser. A common mistake is to copy the entire link but some browsers only paste in the first line of the link!).

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