How do I put variable features on my success page?

Sometimes it is helpful to have certain variables passed through to the success page so you can display them to your customer. For example you may wish to display the order number on the success page so customers can keep a record of this.

There are several ways to achieve this, if you keep a database with the records in you can just extract it from there. Another way would be to include a query string onto the success page's URL, this is the method that will be explained below.

So you would include a query within the success page's URL so if your success URL was, you would attach a query by adding something like

To learn more about how to create a POST to Nochex with the success URL read this article.

After your customer has completed the transaction and the success URL has been passed through successfully you can then catch the variables.

You can use PHP to catch the variables, the following code will need to be within your success page:

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