How do I set the success URL?

The Success URL is the URL that your customers will be sent to after they have finished paying through Nochex. So you may want to return them back to your site with a thank you message.

To set the Success URL simply login to your Nochex account and at the Control Panel select "Payments Page Setup".


Once on this page find the field where it says "Success URL" and then fill in the relevant URL.


So now your customers will be redirected to this page once they have completed a transaction, if you haven't enabled Auto Redirect they have to press Continue to be sent to the Success URL. To enable Auto Redirect read this article: Auto Redirect

Also you can set the success URL by either including it into a payment link or by posting it to Nochex along with other variables.

If you were to include a success URL variable in a payment link, you would simply add&success_url= to the end of the URL.

Or if you wanted to post the variable you would add this line to your post:

http:="""" yoursuccessurl.html"="">

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