What do I do if I believe I have received a fraudulent email?

If you receive an email and you are unsure whether it is a genuine Nochex email please contact us immediately and we will verify its authenticity.

We are aware of a number of emails which are sent out to people selling goods (usually on auction sites) who are told that a payment has been made to them via Nochex. The email goes on to request that the goods be dispatched and the money will be released to them by Nochex once they have provided a tacking/shipping number.

These emails are fraudulent and should be ignored.

Please check the email address of the mail you received - all Nochex emails are sent from "...@Nochex.com" and not generic email addresses such as "...@post.com,...@usa.com, ...@email.com, most typically nochex-accountant@usa.com, etc"

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