What happens if I make a purchase and do not receive the goods?

Please make sure you trust the person you are sending money to as successful NOCHEX transactions cannot be cancelled by yourself.

As stated in our terms and conditions:

"Where you dispute a transaction between you and another party, NOCHEX will not enter into any payment disputed by you and any other person other than to confirm that the payment was made in accordance with the instructions you gave to us. We cannot arrange for money to be given back to you where you believe the payment was made incorrectly by you".

"We are not responsible for any goods or services paid for by you using the NOCHEX service".

You must understand that we cannot get involved with disputes between buyers and sellers.

The exception to this is in connection with investigations by the legal authorities. In these instances, they can file a Data Protection Disclosure form with us. In these circumstances we are legally obliged to supply them with any information they demand.

If you ever believe someone has acted criminally (deception, fraud or other) then we recommend you report it to the police and ask for their advice. If they want to speak to us then let us know and we will do all we can to co-operate.

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