Integrate LiteCart with Nochex

LiteCart is a free e-commerce platform. LiteCart is inspired by the best of worlds and what could have been done better in alternative e-commerce solutions. LiteCart stands for simplicity, lightweight and convenience concerning both usage and development. Interfaces should be based on logic and convention. Content should never be more than two clicks away. Code should have a simple but consequent structure..

Nochex module for LiteCart includes:

  • Simple to install software
  • Full stock management & control
  • Extensive support
  • Simple switching between Test and Live Mode
  • Seamless checkout page experience
  • Ability to display products in a structured format on your payment page.

How does it work?

LiteCart is easily obtained by visiting their website using the following link here. Within Litecart you will need to select a payment gateway integration of which Nochex is an option. By following the integration guide and module below for integrating Nochex into your version of LiteCart, you will benefit from endless secure payments, latest updates and increased customer confidence.
Version 2.1
Step by Step guide for Implementing Nochex Nochex Module for LiteCart
Having issues with your LiteCart integration?
Please raise a support ticket with details of your issues, the version of your LiteCart plugin so we can help to resolve your integration issues.
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