Order created in the shopping cart but no transaction in my Transaction History?

You are investigating an order / missing transaction in your shopping cart. There has been an order created and this is shown in your shopping cart but hasn't updated or no transaction shown in my transaction history.

Possible Reason

A customer may have gone through your shopping cart process, selected Nochex as their payment option but when they have got to your payment page may have accidentally closed their browser / pressed the back button / decided not to go through with making a payment. This results in the order being shown in your shopping cart, and no change to the order status / no payment shown in your Transaction History.


Some abandoned orders could be due to having the default payment page and not using the seamless payment page feature. Using this feature could resolve the issue of customers abandoning their orders.

If you would like to use this feature, we have a guide available here. Alternatively if you would like us to design your seamless payment page, please raise a Support Ticket

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