Integrate PrestaShop with Nochex

If you want an award winning business powering your online shop then look no further, meet PrestaShop. The 70 strong PrestaShop team are the engine behind its highly successful ecommerce software which is popular for three main reasons; it's free, it's open source and continually being improved; it works like a dream.
Nochex plugins to the PrestaShop ecommerce solution are available so your business can benefit from working with the UK's most recommended payment service provider.

Nochex module for PrestaShop includes:

  • Extensive Support
  • Simple installation
  • Ability to switch between Test and Live Mode
  • Seamless checkout page experience
  • Option to Hide Billing Details
  • Ability to display products in a structured format

How does it work?

PrestaShop is a collaborative effort and draws on the ecommerce expertise of the team at PrestaShop. The result is a thoroughly well designed, efficient ecommerce solution which has over 3 million downloads and counting. Download PrestaShop for free using the following link here. Once you've got your PrestaShop setup you simply need to implement Nochex following the below Step by Step guide below and start accepting online payments.
Attached Step by Step guide for Implementing Nochex 

Having issues with your PrestaShop integration?

Please raise a support ticket with details of your issues, the version of your PrestaShop plugin so we can help to resolve your integration issues.
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