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Integrate Cubecart with Nochex

CubeCart is an "out of the box" software solution which means it can be installed with minimal technical knowledge and offers users a multitude of tools and functions for their e-commerce business. Described as "powerful yet beautifully simple to use" and a popular choice for businesses of all sizes, currently used by over 60,000 merchants.
CubeCart offer two main solutions, CubeCart Lite which is free and CubeCart pro which offers full functionality for a one-off payment. Both options give users an unlimited number of products so you can start populating your online shop immediately.

Nochex module for CubeCart includes:

  • Simple to install software
  • Full stock management & control
  • Extensive support
  • Simple switching between Test and Live Mode
  • Seamless checkout page experience
  • Ability to display products in a structured format on your payment page.

How does it work?

CubeCart is easily obtained by visiting their website using the following link here, and selecting from the Lite or Pro version. There's also a demo version which you can experiment with, plus a 30 day money back guarantee if you proceed with CubeCart then change your mind. Within CubeCart you will need to select a payment gateway integration of which Nochex is an option. By following the integration guides and modules below for integrating Nochex in your version of CubeCart, you will benefit from endless secure payments, latest updates and increased customer confidence.
Version 6.4.5
Nochex Module for CubeCart
Version 5.2.17
Nochex Module for CubeCart

Having issues with your CubeCart integration?

Please raise a support ticket with details of your issues, the version of your CubeCart plugin so we can help to resolve your integration issues.
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