Role of 3D Secure

You will have seen that the volume of internet trade is growing at a phenomenal rate; however some criminal elements are taking advantage of this growth to target your website with stolen card details. It is now more vital than ever, for you as a merchant, to protect your business against this increased risk of fraud.

The role of 3D Secure

Internet transactions are classed as ‘cardholder not present’ (CNP) transactions. Until recently, this there was no easy way for you to identify a cardholder and confirm that it was indeed the legitimate cardholder entering the card details.

A significant proportion of chargebacks can arise as a result of the cardholder denying that they authorised a transaction. It is traditionally very difficult for you to successfully appeal against this sort of chargeback. The 3D Secure technology is designed to reduce the possibility of fraudulent card use by authenticating the cardholder at the actual time of the transaction and subsequently reducing your exposure to disputed transactions and chargebacks of this type.

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