MultiSeller Modules and Integration Guides

Modules and Documentation for setting up Nochex as a payment option in your MultiSeller Shop

Shopping Cart Version Module Guide Module Dependencies Last Modified
Logo for WooCommerce 3.2.1 MultiSeller Module for WooCommerce MultiSeller Guide for WooCommerce
Extra User Details,
WC Vendors
Packages Configuration for WooCommerce
PrestaShop The Best E-Commerce Experience MultiSeller Module for Prestashop
MultiSeller Guide for PrestaShop Prestashop 26/10/17
Dokan 2.6.9 MultiSeller Module for Dokan
MultiSeller Guide for Dokan Dokan, Woocommerce 26/10/17
CS-Cart Multi-Vendor 4.6.2 MultiSeller Module for CS-Cart Multi-Vendor MultiSeller Guide for CS-Cart Multi-Vendor CS-Cart Multi-Vendor 26/10/17
Lazyeater 1.8 MultiSeller Module for Lazyeater
MultiSeller Guide for Lazyeater Lazyeater 26/10/17
Yith Auctions 1.1.2 MultiSeller Module for Yith Auctions MultiSeller Guide for Yith Auctions Yith Auctions,

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