What is a shopping cart integration?

Nochex Shopping Cart Integration is a plugin or module to allow Nochex to be a suitable payment option in your shopping cart.

  • These are available to all merchants.
  • Customers would be able to go through your shopping cart, and experience using Nochex as their preferred payment option.
  • Notifications about the payment and order, and updated order statuses by using our APC feature.
  • Some shopping carts have the following optional features:
    • Structured Table Format on your payment page for products - Using our XML Item Collection feature (Page 10)
    • Debugging - Used to help fix issues that occur with your integration
    • Hide Billing Details - Used to hide billing details on the payment page
    • Show Postage - Show the shipping amount and total of products separately.
    • Test Mode - Allow you to do test transactions and make sure your integration is working before making it Live.