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What is APC?

APC is a file on your server listening for a response from Nochex to confirm and authenticate a payment that has been made.

Once your server has received a response from our servers, you can process information to allow you to receive a response that a payment has been made, and whether it has been a successful or declined transaction.

How is it used?

APC is used to email or update an order in relation to a payment that has been made. This functionality can be found in all Nochex Shopping Cart Integrations.

What information can be retrieved?
Information Type Description Example
To_email Email Address of the customer
From_email Email Address of the merchant
Transaction_ID Unique code or identifier of a transaction that has occurred 0123
Transaction_date Date of the transaction that has been made 25/04/2016
Order ID The identifier of an order that has been placed,
and can be used to update the status of the order
Amount The transaction amount that has been made 1.23
Status This is a parameter which determines whether a
transaction was test or live
Last Updated 4 years ago

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